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With a varied offer, if you are going to buy or sell a plot, business or house in central Portugal, you are assured of excellent service.

Terra dos Rios

Terra dos Rios is a licensed real estate agent in central Portugal. The company’s name refers to the impressive landscape, with fertile soil and beautiful rivers. Real estate agency Terra dos Rios works for Portuguese as well as for foreigners.

You want to buy a house in central Portugal. Or a plot to build on. Or renovate a ruin or buy a campsite. But you want the things you are less familiar with to be well organized. The permits, the registrations, the contract, the registrations with the various authorities. Or you want to sell your plot, business or house in central Portugal. Then you need someone you trust, who is knowledgeable, has a lot of experience and is well known. So you’ve come to the right place, Terra dos Rios has built a good reputation as a real estate agent in central Portugal since its establishment in 2006.

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This quinta was once a farmhouse with a large two-story house of almost 190 m² per floor and a patio of 100 m².








This villa is modern and spacious, but above all has a beautiful view of the mountains of the Serra da Estrela.







This monumental granite mansion was built in the 19th century and was not only a residential house, but also the village school.







This detached house was built in the 1990s. It is spacious and largely on one floor. At the front and back of the house are covered terraces






This quinta consists of a house that is largely built from granite stones. The cottage has two floors. On the premises are also two brick sh







This detached house was built in the 1980s. The house consists of two floors and an attic. The first floor is the living floor.

Terra dos Rios has helped us excellently with sales and handling. Terra dos Rios definitely wanted all documents to be in order, kept good control and thus created peace for us in an already difficult / emotional process.

Charlotte and Hubert

Our offers

Our range of plots, businesses or houses that you can buy extends across central Portugal, the Beiras. Globally from Coimbra to the mountains of the Serra da Estrela. If you want to buy a plot, business or house from our offer in central Portugal, you can count on our extensive service at no cost. This means that we:

personally guide you in finding a suitable property
accompany you to the necessary authorities
when necessary, intervene in the acquisition of a mortgage / finance
guide the entire sale process so that you have all necessary documents
act as your reference and guide
even after finding your plot, business or house, you can continue to count on the service and information of Terra dos Rios, real estate agent in central Portugal

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