What do we do for you and what does it cost?

Our range of plots, businesses and houses that you can buy extends across central Portugal, the Beiras. Globally from Coimbra to the mountains of the Serra da Estrela. If you are going to buy a plot, business or house from our offer in central Portugal, you do not have to pay us as a real estate agent in central Portugal. The seller pays us commission on a successful sale of his house or real estate. But of course there are extra costs for you if you are going to buy a plot, business or house in central Portugal, such as the provisional purchase contract and the determination of the boundaries, the transfer tax, but we will indicate those transparently so that you do not have any financial surprises.

We are also there for you if you want to buy a plot, company or house in central Portugal directly from a private individual or another real estate agent, and are looking for professional guidance. More and more customers are asking for our expertise when they are going to buy their plot, company or house in central Portugal through another real estate agent. For example, Sharon and Robert bought their house in the Alentejo. We indicated to them exactly which documents they had to request and where, they then requested them themselves, and then we looked at all the papers and advised on them. They are still grateful for that to this day, because we have saved them from a significant failure because the swimming pool was not legalized and there were serious errors in the draft preliminary purchase contract. As a buyer, you pay this service on an hourly basis if you are going to buy a plot, business or house in (central) Portugal through another channel. We always make an estimate of the costs in advance.

Another example. Ira and Elisabeth live in Israel and wanted to buy a house in central Portugal, but our offer was not what they were looking for. They have deployed us as a real estate agent in central Portugal in their search for their perfect home. We reached out to our own network and found several houses, and they themselves also searched through private sites. Then we visited and assessed the various houses before they came to Portugal, so that they could use their holiday focussing on a limited number of real contenders. They found their ideal home, and we guided the practical side of buying it because they really wanted to spend their next vacations in the house itself. We provide this service more often, and it is also on an hourly basis.

Yet another situation. We helped solve a legacy issue for Elske, Marc and Andrea, for example. They live in Belgium and when their mother died in Portugal, she left them a house. Of course dealing with the various issues from a distance is not that easy. They wanted to know how much the house was worth, what kind of costs they had to pay for here in Portugal, how they should make the payments for these costs, what kind of registrations were needed and so on. They asked us to give an indication of the market value and then to map out the entire process here including the costs so that they could eventually sell the house. We provide this service on an hourly basis.

Another option is this one. Willem and Melissa called on us to find suitable temporary housing for them. They moved from the Netherlands to Portugal and wanted the time to buy a house in central Portugal. That is why they selected a few rental houses that they found interesting, and we went to see ourselves and delivered a small report with videos about each rental house, so that they could properly assess whether the rental house met their requirements from a distance. We also provide this service on an hourly basis.

 It also happens regularly that we are asked to assist in applying for basic services (water, electricity, telecommunications). Of course we know our way dealing with another language and different authorities. This service is on an hourly basis as well.

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