What is the difference between a real estate agent in central Portugal and an intermediary?

Really not to scare you off. But you would not be the first person to visit plots or ruins or houses with an intermediary, fall in love with the property and then rely on the pleasant stories of the intermediary who (almost always unconsciously) propagates old views that make you think that there are no permits needed in Portugal. And then, some time later, you unfortunately might find yourself being surprised by other owners who claim the land. Or a letter from the municipality that you don’t understand much about. Or it suddenly turns out that you have an unsaleable house that you have built with the thought that all of this was allowed. We not only see happy faces, but unfortunately also often desperate ones. We cannot emphasize it enough: make sure that all documents and registrations are in order – within the still ongoing specifics of this country – when you are going to buy a plot, business or house in central Portugal!

We have already told you about the four important principles that you can count on as your real estate agent in central Portugal. Working with a recognized real estate agent gives guarantees in quality. Terra dos Rios is a recognized real estate agent. Recognized estate agents in Portugal are licensed by IMPIC. You can recognize recognized real estate agents in this country by the AMI number. The fact that we have a real estate agent’s license is important for our buying and selling customers. You are assured that we meet the requirements of the Portuguese government. This means, for example, that we are knowledgeable and that we constantly keep that knowledge up to date. We are licensed as a real estate agent in central Portugal and thus are required:

  •  to maintain our knowledge and keep up with developments in the market
  •  to work according to the general conditions for Portuguese estate agents. These requirements are designed to protect your interests and developed by the APEMIP, the association of Portuguese agents
  • have a complaints book so that you can file a complaint against us if you feel that your interest has been harmed by us
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